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Release what no longer serves you

Rewire your body and mind

Reclaim your self (body, mind, heart and spirit)


Pathways to wellness:

There are essentially two pathways to both wellness and, on the flip side, to dis-ease;

  • the physiological (body); and

  • the psycho-spiritual (mental, emotional and spiritual).

Both of these streams are valid parts of ourselves and both are necessary to address if we are to truly thrive.

These streams are interwoven, each impacting on the other in both positive and negative ways.

This can be daunting but it can also be liberating because it allows us to start where we are at and with what we have the capacity for right now.

Once we lay a foundation element by element, we are then able to build on that.

Ways I can help you support your physiological body:


Colonic Hydrotherapy

Ancestral Health Mentoring

Cleanse protocols

Ways I can help your psycho-spiritual being:

All of the above and…

FlowState sessions 

Psycho-spiritual support