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Human Optimisation

Optimisation: “the act of making something as good as possible.”  – Cambridge dictionary


What is the full potential of you?

What if you could experience life at your full potential?


There are essentially two pathways to both wellness (your full potential) and, on the flip side, to dis-ease;

  • the physiological (body); and

  • mental, emotional and spiritual being.

Both of these pathways are valid parts of ourselves and both are necessary to address if we are to truly thrive.

These pathways are interwoven, each impacting on the other in both positive and negative ways.

To live to our full potential, to optimise, we need to address both pathways always.

This is why I work with the Whole Human

I combine a range of physical therapies, modalities, information and mentoring to bring in all aspects;

Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit.


Body – Therapies, practices, tools and processes to support the physical body.

Mind – Information to work with the conscious mind + processes and practices to work with the sub-conscious mind.

Heart – I provide a safe space for emotions to be felt, experienced and held.

Spirit – Processes and guidance for clients to connect with their own spirit.