I’m Genevieve and I bridge worlds:

  • cutting-edge science with ancestral wisdom;

  • intellect with intuition;

  • heart with mind; and

  • body with spirit.


I am eternally curious, I love connecting obscure dots and am passionate about supporting people to tap into their own essence.


I rebel against the term healer because we can only ever heal ourselves.


Instead I am a space-holder with some tools in her toolkit who’s racked up a decent amount of XP and maybe I’m someone who can help you on your path of personal reclamation.


I have spent decades delving into the depths of my own soul and unearthing inner truths.  I have danced extensively with shame, depression, anxiety, eating disorders and sexual abuse.  


I have also worked through my own chronic gut issues and my son’s ADHD.  All of these are now either mostly or completely healed. 


Through this I have learnt the value of working with our whole selves (heart, mind, body, spirit) to:

Release (what no longer serves us)

Rewire (body and mind patterns)

Reclaim (the truth of who we are – our sovereign right)


I am the grateful mama to three amazing not-quite-men and I am the blessed partner to one of the most incredible humans I know, all of whom are my eternal teachers.


*I have a background in Ancestral Nutrition, am a qualified Colon Hydrotherapist and a Thor Laser practitioner.


*I also have training in Reiki (level II) and Australian Bush Flower essences.


*I’m an Autodidact Polymath, meaning a multi-passionate self-learner (just had to use the term because I’m also a nerd – sorry, not sorry):

  • Epigenetics;

  • Trans-generational Imprinting;

  • ReWilding and Primitive Skills;

  • Flow States and the Default Mode Network;

  • Shamanism;

  • Sexuality;

  • Mitochondria;

  • Spirituality;

  • Quantum Biology;

  • Circadian Biology, and;

  • Biological effects of light.