About Genevieve

Genevieve operates as a bridge between worlds.  She combines the use of cutting edge science, modern technology, ancient wisdom, radical compassion and innovative thought to assist people in unleashing their inner awesomeness.

She is a sur-thrivor of numerous physical, mental and emotional challenges and loves sharing information and wisdom gained through her own journey and a dedication to deep knowledge.

She has attained a certificate (with honors) in Traditional Nutrition, is a fully qualified closed system Colonic Hydrotherapist and a trained Thor laser Photobiomodulation machine operator and she utilizes these tools and others to help people achieve optimal living by assisting to realign them to the foundation stones of all life on earth: Light, Water and Magnetism.

One of Genevieve’s core beliefs is that the vast majority of people have bodies and minds that function beautifully, and dis-ease arises as a response to external factors.  She sees most dis-ease as a symptom rather than being due to an inherently faulty body.