Photobiomodulation Therapy (PBMT)

In a lot of ways PBMT (also known as Low Level Light Therapy or LLLT) cuts to the core of well-being because it works at such a deep fundamental level in the body.

Short story: PBMT unblocks the energy factories in cells and allows them to produce more energy so they can do their jobs better. 

It also reduces free-radicals and helps blood, lymph and cellular water to flow better.

So, basically it’s awesome for heaps of stuff.

PBMT has a huge range of applications including: 

Long story:  The main pathways for action are via the freeing of Nitric Oxide from Cytochrome C Oxidase in the Electron Transport Chain in the Mitochondria in addition to improving blood circulation, reducing inflammation and oxidative stress and improving lymphatic flow and cytoplasmic streaming.

PBMT/LLLT is essentially red and infrared Light therapy, however not all devices are the same.

I use a Thor Laser ( desktop device.   Thor Laser are the leaders in the field of photomedicine and James Carroll, founder and CEO, collaborates directly with numerous universities, research centers and leading photomedicine scientists and engineers in the development of PBMT treatment protocols and parameters.

Thor Laser devices use specific light frequencies, power outputs and beam structures proven to have the best interactions with the human body.

Session details:

  • 20-30 minutes

  • $45 per session

  • 12 pack for the cost of 10 @ $450

Colonic Hydrotherapy

I offer a different experience to other colonic practitioners as I see the process as an incredible opportunity for “letting go of crap” on multiple levels. 

Colonics are amazing for physically cleaning the colon and have a range of physiological benefits however they are also an incredible “access point” for our deep inner world.

Few things take us as deep and as quickly into our vulnerability as lying semi-naked in front of someone with a tube up your butt whilst watching your crap flow out through a viewing chamber in front of you.

I hold this space as Sacred.

My aim with this process is two-fold, yes, it is to help clear your body of physical crap but I also see colonics as having the potential to be an amazing tool for releasing old beliefs, patterning and trauma held in the body.

I have been privileged enough to witness some extraordinary healing happen for clients on the colonic table and this is really where my passion lies for this therapy.

I am a “space holder” or a facilitator for you to use this therapy to really “let go of your sh*t” on a deeper level.

The nitty-gritty (pun totally intended) of the process:

Colonic Hydrotherapy is the process of using filtered water, heated to around body temperature to flush out the colon. 

I use a closed system machine and stay with you for the entirety of the experience.

A speculum is inserted into the anus (using lots of lubricant!) and attached to an inlet hose (which allows water into the colon) and a waste hose (which allows water and waste to flow out of the colon).

Colonics can come with or without PBMT.

I recommend including PBMT for the following reasons:

  • Improves the outcome of the colonic

  • Improves the microbiome

  • Supports the healing of the gut lining

After the session you are welcome to hang out in the “decompression zone” with a cup of tea to integrate the experience before stepping back into the world.

Session details with PBMT:

  • 90 minutes (including 20 – 30 min PBMT, 35-45 min colonic plus pre and post time)

  • $150

  • Pack of 3 – $400

Session details without PBMT:

  • 70 minutes (including 35-45 min colonic plus pre and post)

  • $120

  • Pack of 3 – $320


Ancestral Health Mentoring

“We are complex, dynamic, multi-faceted beings – it’s never just one thing”

Some wise 40-something woman

In these discussion sessions I help you track areas of your life that are not supporting you and offer ways to address these.

Sessions may cover, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Environment;

  • Epigenetics (how our DNA can be switched on or off);

  • Trans-Generational Imprinting (how we can inherit things from our ancestors other than our DNA – like resilience, beliefs, trauma etc.);

  • Nutrition;

  • Fasting and cleanse protocols;

  • Movement and Stillness;

  • Water;

  • Breathwork;

  • Psycho-spiritual elements; and…

  • What lights you up!!

Session details:

  • 1 hour

  • $80

  • Pack of 3 – $210

  • Pack of 5 – $340


 FlowState Sessions

“…In essence, flow is characterized by complete absorption in what one does, and a resulting loss in one’s sense of space and time.


Sometimes we need to tap into our wiser, uncluttered, objective selves for guidance or inspiration. 

In our culture most people spend most of their time with their Default Mode Network running the show. 

The DNM is made up of the parts of our brain that create thinking, judging, analytical, predictive, heavily regulated and self-conscious thoughts. 

When we’re in flow our DMN goes off line or at least down regulates significantly. 

Our Alpha brain waves drop and our Theta waves increase.  We tap into older, more instinctive parts of our brain that are normally suppressed.   These parts of our brain that are able to actually take in MORE information and are more open to new ideas and able to connect dots in a way that our highly rigid DMN simply can’t. 

Dropping our DNM allows for more creative thoughts and opens us up to be receptive towards different perspectives and possibilities.

It’s a pretty amazing place to be. 

FlowState sessions help you access this place by combining a range of tried and tested mediums to help you essentially enter an altered state of consciousness.

“Flow follows focus. The state can only show up when all our attention is focused in the right here, right now…” 

– Steven Kotler

These sessions are a co-creation between you and I.  It’s about (mind)set and setting.

You bring your mindset in the form of willingness, intention and focus and I create the setting using the following:

  • Ceremony and ritual

  • Herbal elixirs and ceremonial cacao

  • Breathing techniques

  • Electronic dance music – oh yes I do!

  • Blindfolding (optional)

  • PBMT

  • Guided visualization

  • Shamanic drumming

  • Tibetan Singing bowls

  • Energy work (like Reiki)

  • Touch/bodywork (you are always clothed)

  • Essential oils

  • Post session tea / de-brief / download

  • Gifts to take home to help connect you back to the experience

Why all the witchy, voodoo stuff?

So lets take some of the mystery away from this.  Honestly the sole purpose of this (not just in these sessions but actually in every ritual/ceremony) is to clearly mark this moment as DIFFERENT and SPECIAL from normal life and to help you to become present in the moment.

That’s it.

And when we allow our minds (and I use the word allow very deliberately) to stop thinking about all the STUFF that’s going on in our lives and to focus in on this very “special and different-from-normal” moment we give our DMN a chance to chill out.

Session details:

  • 2 hours (including 11/2 hours in session plus ½ hour in the decompression zone to integrate)

  • $250

FlowState sessions are pure magik


Release, Rewire and
Reclaim Journeys

While all services offered are stand-alone therapies there is something pretty special about combining them.

These journeys are designed to offer different levels of play or depth, being clear on your purpose or intention for committing to a journey is important as it not only gives you a focus for the experience but it also creates a framework for the journey to unfold in.

It is likely that these journeys will bring up your “stuff” at some point (or many), while I am here to support you with the tools I have, please ensure that you are self-responsible in understanding this.

I highly recommend creating lots of “space” for yourself as you travel these paths.  Being busy will do 2 things, either keep you at surface level (so it’s not as effective as it could be) or make it harder than it needs to be (nobody wants that!).

All journeys include at least 2 colonics, a fasting period and a FlowState session.

Why fast?

Fasting has been a part of the human experience from the dawn of our existence, whether by circumstance or design.

Times of scarcity (winter, drought etc.) are something we have always had to factor in for human survival and thus our bodies are not only capable of dealing with it but have actually developed ways to thrive from short to medium periods of fasting.

Additionally, virtually all spiritual practices and religions include some sort of fasting either annually, seasonally or monthly. 

Why?  Because fasting “brings you closer to God”.

In other words, fasting takes you into an altered state of consciousness – if you let it.

I’ve allowed for flexibility in the timeframes so you can adapt them to work with your life and your preferences. You may wish to hit it hard and be done with it, or you may wish to pace it a bit more.

Other colonics or sessions may be added for a reduced rate if you choose.

  1. A single step:

They say every journey begins with a single step.  This little excursion is a good entry point.  It can still be quite an intensive experience, especially as often the hardest period of a fast is the first 24 hours but the short timeframe makes it doable for most people.

Over a 3 – 6 day period.


  • 2 colonics

  • 24 hour fast (plus 1 day lead in and one day re-entry)

  • 1 FlowState session

  • PMBT before both colonics

  • Cleanse protocol

  • Ancestral Health Mentoring within existing sessions

  • Recipes

  • Valued at $550, pay only $450

  1. Not all who wander are lost:

This is a great mid-length journey.  Long enough to really dig in but not too intense.   Research  suggests that fasting for 72 hours can reset the immune system.  It seems to really allow your body to release what is not necessary and to utilize the fats and sugars that we have stored away.

Plus fasting for this length of time in a carefully crafted way can allow us to drop into deeper parts of ourselves.  This allows us to get to the core of things, to unearth truths and to naturally access flowstate.

Over a 6 – 10 day period.


  • 5 colonics

  • 72 hour fast (plus 1 day lead in and 2 days re-entry)

  • 1 FlowState session

  • PBMT before every colonic

  • 1 Ancestral Health Mentoring session

  • Some psycho-spritual support.

  • Recipes

  • Valued at $1,080, pay only $800

  ($550 payable after first session, remainder following final session)

  1. The Hero/ines Journey:

A journey for those who are dedicated to going within.  This length of fast can be incredibly powerful for really clearing out and accessing your whole being; body mind, heart and spirit.  It will take you where you need to go, whether you are aware of that place beforehand or not.

This journey requires both commitment and surrender with a healthy dose of curiosity, patience and self-love.

The Hero/ines journey is an intensive process that calls you to SLOOOOWWW down, please ensure you create plenty of space and whatever additional support you need to embark on this journey. 

Over a 10 – 21 day period.


  • 7 colonics

  • 6 day fast (plus 1 day lead in and 3 day re-entry) 

  • 1 FlowState session

  • Cleanse Protocol

  • Recipes

  • 2  Ancestral Health Mentoring Sessions

  • PBMT before every colonic

  • Psycho-spiritual support.

  • Valued at $1,530, pay only $1,100

  ($750 payable after first session and remainder payable     following second    last session)